this is prince ice shards.everyone thinks he is a changling but he really isn't he's just very,well lets say mental.there is a lot of mystery's in this fellow, eben some say that he's working under king sombras controll!well this prince's power is making blizzards that can cut your skin!with the help of his sister they can be invincble!he was flying in is blizzard once and saw prince Artemis and princessCrystal tec.Crystal tec realized when the storm had hit the someone was up to it.the stor m hit because they were entering the snow kingdom and that the princess and prince were creating a storm to freeze king sombra and take his soul so he would stopping trying to take over the strongest kingdom of all in equestria the ice kingdom.some say that if the prince and princess are near echother they suck souls and be that pony for instance.
relatives:princess snowflake,silvermist,and let alone age 18
cutiemark:shards of ice  gender boy

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